Welcome to LABTK Purebred Perfection! Thanks for looking, I really hope you like what you see and find all your American Bulldog, American Bully and Shorty Bull needs with us here at LABTK! Our name says it all Purebred Perfection is our Goal! LABTK and the people we work with pride ourselves in providing beautiful, healthy, confirmation puppies! With unmatchable mental stability and temperaments so that we can provide intelligent puppies and K-9s with the potential to excel as well as succeed in any and all home, family, working, executive environment that they are properly conditioned and trained for!                     
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 Every year & every breeding that passes, the closer we get to our goals & new goals we create! They just keep getting wider & thicker with more & more muscle!!! The temperaments, the drive & the intelligence just keeps getting even more impressive!!! The Heads & Necks just keep getting Bigger & Bullier!!! It's Amazing how athletic these guys are & how clean & free they breathe with those short muzzles!!!
 It's all about knowing what I want & having a great breeding program! We improve in some way with every minute that passes! 
   American Bully
   American Bulldog